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Dr. Howard also served at a number of churches in Southern California. He was Senior Pastor in 2 prior churches before accepting...
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Dr. Steven G. Cook
A Pastor, Missionary and author of an outstanding work
on 1st Timothy titled: 
"The Organization Of An Organism - The Church"
which you can read in our Bible Studies section

or you can visit Dr. Cook's Webpage


Tel (714) 871-1419                          Fax (714) 871-0453

"I have known Frank Childs and his fine team since 1980 when I first started on Radio in Southern California. Not only does Frank and CVC Audio have great products, but their customer service is second to none. I give my personal endorsement to Frank Childs and the CVC Audio team.

Give them a call today!"

-Dr. Howard


Baptist Chapel For The Deaf is a wonderful ministry located in South Africa. If you would like to give financial support to a ministry that is worthy of your support, visit the site, come back and send your financial support to:

Calvary Bible Baptist Church
1419 Linn Hipsher Road
Marion, OH 43302

Tel. 740-382-4173 | Email:
Floyd Radebaugh, pastor (my brother)


Baptist International Outreach
P. O. box 639
Maynardville, TN 31807

Tel. 865-992-0999 | Email:
Garvin Dykes, director

Make sure on your gift(s) you write on your check or Money Order that your gift is for Chris & Lucinda Radebaugh - BCD

Here's a word from the Radebaughs!

"At BCD, we are doing our best to let the light of our Lord Jesus Christ shine through us to the many hearing-impaired of our community. We realize that only through acceptance of Him as Saviour can a person have peace with God, a reason for living, and eternal life. The Deaf have many questions that normally remain unanswered. Unfortunately, they live each day longing for the information that is so readily available to the hearing society. God's Word is able to answer many of those questions and provide for a balanced personality and purpose in life. We have seen growth and an increase of spiritual maturity of those who are faithful to all services of the church. Our church has grown from humble beginnings to now having our own building and property. We have seen God's blessings in numerous ways as we have done our best to glorify Him. If you are a Deaf person living in South Africa, please give us a visit. You are most welcome to join with us as we worship God in the context of Deaf culture. If you are planning to visit South Africa in future, please don't miss the opportunity to fellowship with us".

In Christ, Chris & Lucinda Radebaugh


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